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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products can filter, ventilate, and humidify/dehumidify the air. IAQ appliances enhance airflow, which in turn increases the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

Common Indoor Air Quality appliances include:

Electronic Air Cleaners and Media Filters provide whole-house filtration of airborne pollutants to make your home cleaner and healthier.

Humidifiers prevent wintertime dryness making your home more comfortable.

Dehumidifiers reduce summertime humidity in your home, helping to prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Excessive mold and mildew may lead to illness.

Ultraviolet lights eliminate mold spores that may grow on air conditioning coils and reduce airborne bacteria throughout your home.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lights

UV lights help cleanse the air that you breathe in your home.

They remove bacteria from the air as it passes through your heating and cooling systems and prevents mold growth in your air conditioning coils.

UV Lights provide many wonderful benefits, especially to children and elderly people with vulnerable immune systems. They are also beneficial in humid climates, where mold can form fast.

UV systems have been used for decades in hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, and water treatment facilities.

How do UV lights work?

A mounted light in the duct work illuminates ultraviolet light that helps protect against micro-organisms and combats contagious diseases such as the flu, colds, and pneumonia. Surface Treatment UV Systems minimize mold and mildew, and they increase equipment operation and efficiency. When mold and mildew are allowed to grow on the coils, it reduces efficiency (by prohibiting airflow), and the mold can also become a potential inhalation hazard, not to mention creating a musty smell throughout your home.

Electronic Air Cleaners

New Electronic Air Cleaners trap common airborne particles that older air filter systems might not otherwise catch. Some common particles include human hair, pollen, pet dander, fungi, and bacteria.

New Electronic Air Cleaners also capture dust that other filter systems might miss. Given that only 1% of all dust is actually visible, a new air cleaner addresses dust concerns most homeowners aren’t even aware of.

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